How to Develop Student and Staff Fortitude in High School: A 5-Step Process

Majority Of Successful High School Administrators Have These Characteristics

High School administrators are goal-oriented, highly energetic and resilient when facing setbacks, showcasing courage and compassion, and their problem-solving abilities are highly adaptable. These individuals usually have excellent time management skills, and their communication is consistent with students, parents, and staff. 

Successful High School Administrators Encourage And Foster A Positive Growth Mindset Of Colleagues

Successful High School administrators encourage Professional development and lifelong learning. Administrators understand teachers' daily challenges and such school leaders provide positive, constructive feedback to cultivate a positive collaboration model and celebrate the successes of students and staff members. 

Positive Forward Thinking High School Administrators Incorporate Short-Term And Long-Term School And School District Goals In A Team Collaboration Model

Many high school administrators can break down goals into measurable objectives such as specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART Goals). Administrators cultivate a positive feedback constructive culture with staff; school administration encourages non-stressful regular check-ins with assessments to reinforce the sense of purpose and innovation and motivate staff to continue to work with a positive, creative mindset toward the shared school and district goals, ultimately for student success.

Positive Administration Showcase A Balanced Forward Thinking Fortitude 

School administration usually takes a balanced approach with shared decision-making from staff; such collaboration between staff and school leadership reduces the possibility of burnout and encourages a positive, motivating environment. Encouragement of innovative ideas in lesson plans and within the school cultural environment, such as team building, student union, school clubs, teams, mental health awareness, and building resiliency within students and staff, creates a student-centred thinking, holistic academic and cultural environment with a lasting positive growth mindset.

School Administration Can Significantly Improve Both Student And Staff Performance With The Concept Of Flow State

Flow State with students and staff would be beneficial if there was a deep concentration on academics and extracurricular activities within the school culture. External distractions outside of school are more likely to become secondary in the students' priorities. Students and staff will have a higher sense of control, a clear understanding of short-term and long-term goals and be able to give feedback to the administration between teams on any type of focus and improve motivation. Any flow state within a school aims to treat a positive, proactive, challenging, safe, and motivating high school of learning and student success.


These brief 5 steps to foster a culture of resilience, passion, and continuous improvement within the high school community combine the characteristics of fortitude with the benefits of a growth mindset and the principles of flow for sustained success for students and staff.

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