Here Are 5 Qualities Of A Multiplier Leader That Will Improve Your Company 100x!

Multipliers are leaders who improve the insight and accomplishments of their colleagues. These leaders are talent magnets who look for talent beyond traditional boundaries, identify instinctive skills, and remove obstacles to improve colleagues' success. Multipliers are Liberators that give coworkers room to work, encourage risk-taking, and support a culture of learning from mistakes. Challengers inspire a positive, optimistic belief in achieving goals, point coworkers in a specific direction for self-development, and cultivate a "We as a team can do it" attitude. Multipliers are Debate Makers that allow issues for debate, encourage diverse voices, and ensure a robust team decision-making process. These leaders are Investors in their colleagues, defining organizational goals, providing resources, and holding colleagues accountable. These leaders maintain positive realism and genuine positive colleague relationships, understand the difficulty of assignments and projects, and continuously challenge negative assumptions and stereotypes. While not perfect, multiplier leaders focus on maximizing strengths and minimizing weaknesses, creating a culture that merges these practices into successful, positive work environments every day.

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