Motivating High Achievers

Motivating individuals to achieve high performance lies not in inherent traits or elite genes but in specific habits practiced over hundreds and thousands of hours by high achievers.

These habits include maintaining physical fitness, practicing difficult tasks to mastery which increase confidence, and regularly questioning personal goals and life purpose. Motivated high achievers seek clarity, focusing on self-improvement, intentional social interactions, skill development, and service to others. Due to their their hundreds if not thousands of hours of practice on a specific task, physical or mental, positive thinking generates or increases one's energy for future tasks. Additionally, high achievers embrace the habits of raising necessity, setting personal goals to external obligations, prove to oneself and maybe to one's family or friends or community. These high achievers excel in planning clear and challenging deadlines, and they build positive meaningful connections with all others that they come in contact with, modesty is a key factor. These motivated achievers showcase a giving positive open resilient mindset, recognizing the needs of others and empowering others with trust and freedom.

These motivated individuals have tremendous courage and a positive perspective on challenges overcoming fear and taking bold action. These are learned behaviours that contribute to push motivated high achievers to their goal completion.

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