Benefits of Free and Open-Source Software to Boost Your Workflow

Free and open-source software (FOSS) benefits your daily business and personal workflow. Here are some personal choices for my own daily workflow.

Zorin OS, a user-friendly Linux distribution with a Mac-like design, creates a smooth and intuitive workflow experience.

Mozilla Firefox has blazing speed, outstanding privacy, and an excellent community ecosystem of add-ons.

Standard Notes is the most secure and private note-taking app on the planet. It has powerful end-to-end encryption, and SN guarantees that your notes stay confidential and my notes are accessible across all my devices - Linux, Android, MacOS, iPadOS, and Windows!

Thunderbird Email Client is one of the best customizable email platforms, supporting various protocols and extensions.

LibreOffice is another stable powerhouse of FOSS, which includes word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation and can easily compete with MS Office and other similar software to meet any office needs without compromise.

For my messaging needs for work and personal use, Signal is by far the best on the planet! This messenger app has the best end-to-end encryption technology, transforming my conversations into secure and protected exchanges.

Finally, Xournal++ is my go-to PDF annotation app. This app is a diverse toolkit for editing handwritten and typed notes.

My cost-benefit analysis of the daily use of these FOSS apps is clear-cut. The cost is free, and the quality of privacy, security, and user control is top-rated. People with busy lives and working with extremely valuable and critical data, these FOSS apps empower a person.

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