Discipline Is Needed For Success

Success depends on discipline.

Conscious Choices & Deliberate Thinking

There's usually a series of conscious choices and deliberate thinking through distractions that could derail progress. To become an outlier, a person has to have an extraordinary degree of discipline. Picture an elite athlete, a high school basketball player wanting to play at the college level.

10,000-Hour Rule

Most coaches understand the 10,000-hour rule, meticulous routines, setting short-term and long-term goals, extremely high repetition of proper form shooting, tens of thousands of made shots, thousands of hours of diverse dribbling, high intense interval training/HiiT, upper and lower body strength weight training, speed training at different rates of running speed with the dribble, 1v1, gameplay, improving basketball IQ via studying the game through video and gameplay, scrimmaging, etc., and knowing each training session is a deliberate step towards becoming an elite athlete, an outlier, a standout.

It's Cognitive

There is a cognitive aspect of discipline, where the mind's conscious efforts steer the ship, be it managing time, sustaining a healthy lifestyle, or committing to educational pursuits.

A person with a solid commitment to a specific academic, sport or work-focused goal must have cognitive fortitude in the journey toward exceptional achievement.

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