15 Benefits of Choosing Open Studies for Your College or University Education

Open Studies is a flexible and less structured way to start post-secondary education. Students can choose courses from various disciplines without selecting a diploma or degree program. 

  • It provides students with the opportunity to explore different subjects.
  • Students can gain writing or mathematical skills at the post-secondary level.
  • Adults can gain specific educational qualifications in Open Studies that they did not acquire in high school.
  • Open Studies allow for a more interdisciplinary and customized approach to college education.
  • It also offers a more flexible learning path, allowing students to customize their choice of courses to their interests and goals.
  • Completed college courses, the credits may be transferable to a specific program to pursue a certificate, diploma, or degree.
  • Open studies allow you to choose courses based on your interests, regardless of your major, providing flexibility in your educational path.
  • It allows you to explore different subjects before committing to a specific major, helping you discover your true interests.
  • This approach makes adapting to your academic or career plan changes easier without significant disruptions.
  • You can gain insights from different disciplines, fostering creativity and innovation.
  • Open studies offer courses that expose you to global perspectives, preparing you for an interconnected world.
  • You can build a diverse portfolio as part of your professional development that showcases a broad range of skills and knowledge, making you more marketable to employers.
  • Exposure to different subjects increases your adaptability to change, an essential skill in today's fast-paced job market.
  • Open studies allow you to pursue your intellectual interests, providing a more satisfying educational experience.
  • It cuts down time; instead of upgrading high school courses for 5 months or a whole year, take the equivalent courses at the college or university level. These courses will go toward your college or university diploma or degree.

Most importantly, you don't need to stress over an acceptance letter. Open Studies is open to any adult willing to put in effort, manage his/her time efficiently, build knowledge, and pass the courses. After a year or two years of successfully completing college courses, you can transfer into a diploma or degree program, and most, if not all, completed courses will be added to your program. It is a non-stressful way to enter college and university to test oneself and see if you have what it takes to succeed at the "upper echelon" of higher education.

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