Nvidia's Stock

I'm still quite surprised that a computer chip company, mainly a graphic computer chip company, is now using their chips for AI; Nvidia stock has skyrocketed into the trillions of dollars, and actually, their stock is just as high or maybe even worth more than the Canadian economy!

Now, Apple and Google are positioning themselves to make their own AI chips.

My question is, do we have enough raw materials - silicon, tantalum, palladium, copper, boron, cobalt, and tungsten, mainly from Africa and South America to support the manufacturing of these chips at astronautical speed levels.

TSMC is a major supplier for NVIDIA, producing semiconductor chips for NVIDIA's GPUs.

How can economists working for Microsoft, Google, and Apple not position themselves as a chip developer? Nvidia has over 80% of the market for GPU chip development when it comes to graphic cards, and chips used for AI-machine learning.

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