20,000 Hours = A Master Craftsman

Malcolm Gladwell's concept of 10,000 hours is often associated with mastery of a particular skill or field.

Dedicated Practice, Repetition, Proper Form

Over five years of dedicated practice, repetition, proper form, and efficiency make completing a specific skill easy. Your hand-eye neurological coordination becomes more accessible and quicker. Eventually, an individual masters a particular skill, completes a task or creates a product or a service.

20,000 Hours or Over 12 Years

Becoming a master craftsman requires well over 20,000 hours or, in years, over 12 years of refinement of skills, a deep understanding of the craft, its complexity, the individual's natural ability, and informal and formal education in the craft. A master craftsman is a lifelong student of the craft.

Specialized Skills & Knowledge

Craftsmen are experts who possess specialized skills and knowledge. They customize or tailor their work in ways that may not be achievable through mass production. Many preserve traditional techniques of a culture or artisan practice passed down through generations.

High-Quality Goods & Services

Mastering a craft typically involves fulfilling the need for specialized, high-quality goods and services, a continuous deep interest in learning and refinement, and a lifetime commitment to the craft. Many craftsmen consider their journey ongoing throughout their lives.

A Lifelong Pursuit

Being a master craftsman is a lifelong pursuit that involves dedication, passion, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

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