Essence of Sustainable Teaching

Imagine a classroom where teachers and students flourish like canola in a well-tended Alberta prairie field, each yielding a plentiful harvest of knowledge and growth rooted in strength and resiliency. 

Sustainable teaching focuses on long-term effectiveness and success.

Teachers thrive. Students grow. 

  • It's about creating a balance that prevents teacher and student burnout.

Cultivates interdisciplinary learning.

Building an understanding and knowledge of real-world problems with diverse solutions.

Place-based and project-based learning

  • Lessons from textbooks are applied to real-world problems or scenarios, allowing students to apply knowledge and skills from various subjects to solve problems creatively.

Educators connect students and the community to learn.

Sustainable teaching builds resilient learning environments where everyone has ownership of their new knowledge and skills.

The essence of a successful future for all...

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