Movies Showcasing Unethical Social Engineering Within The Criminal Justice System

Thrilling movies often captivate viewers with plots involving unethical use of social engineering by law enforcement.

Real-world Issues Surrounding Justice

We find ourselves on the edge of our seats, hoping for the protagonist to outsmart the "bad guy," who happens to wear a badge. These narratives show the dark side of policing, where individuals abuse their power to manipulate evidence, target specific individuals, and bypass legal safeguards. While these scenarios make for gripping entertainment, they also shed light on real-world issues surrounding justice, civil rights, and public trust in the criminal justice system.

Recognize These Occurrences

Coercive interrogation tactics, entrapment, manipulating evidence, targeting specific individuals, and sidestepping legal safeguards with excessive deception in undercover operations are just a few examples of how individuals in positions of authority may abuse their power. While such scenarios may captivate audiences in excellent movies, it's crucial to acknowledge that these occurrences are not typical in Canadian society.

Misuse of Power & Authority

While these unethical behaviours may seem fictional, they reflect real-world concerns about the misuse of power and authority, primarily if the movie is based on a true story. From fabricating evidence to violating privacy rights and targeting vulnerable populations, unethical social engineering tactics can have far-reaching results. As viewers, we may find ourselves absorbed in the drama and suspense of these movies. Still, they also prompt us to reflect on the importance of accountability, transparency, and ethical conduct within police services.


Ultimately, these films serve as a reminder of the essential role of integrity and commitment to legal and ethical standards in maintaining a just and equitable society.

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