Emotional Labour is Learning To Build Resiliency During Practice

Some ideas of creativity that I got from Seth Godin's books: 

  1. The Practice - Shipping Creative Work
  2. The Dip - A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit and When to Stick

The change you seek to make, are you to make a contribution, or are you here to take something? Are you here to do what you are told, or are you here to question how to make things different for the better?

Are we going to wake up in the morning and think about how we are going to make a higher net profit on the stock market, or are we going to try to figure out how we can make a person in Southeast Asia or Africa a better life through more accessible encrypted safer communication technology without fear of government corruption and persecution for your modern liberal democratic ideas or micro-business transactions for solo-entrepreneurs? The first point is challenging for most people to start with.

The second point meshes with the first point. What possibilities do you see, and how can you create positive change, learn, and see the world as it is?

Being able to see the reality of the world is critical. At this point, a person should decide to be disciplined on the journey and approach to making a positive change for people and oneself. 

The third point is the amount of emotional labour you expend to accomplish positive change for yourself and the people you impact.

The fourth important point is emotional labour to learn, which is learning by practising, doing something to improve, excel, become an expert, or become an outlier. This requires high-quality repetition, 10,000+ hours.

Acquiring new sunk costs builds resiliency, especially when there are dips or periods of struggle in business, within one's job, career, or sport.

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