"Living THE Dream" Sarcastically

Thinking back on many years living in government housing in Abbotsfield, I realize these were tough socioeconomic times. We lived an impoverished existence, just trying to eat and survive.

"Living a dream" has the opposite meaning of "Living THE Dream."

For some individuals, saying they are "Living THE Dream" typically implies experiencing an unfulfilling or unexciting lifestyle, often involving doing something uninspiring. These individuals are not satisfied or optimistic.

Teaching and coaching are about enjoying life to the fullest, feeling contentment and satisfaction, and doing good in the world.

I sneer at individuals who are so discontent and pessimistic about their privileged life situation, making 100k+ a year, and they're so dissatisfied with their life because they work with students by saying, "I'm living THE dream," sarcastically with such dissatisfaction and disdain.

I shake my head, knowing that the individual has no idea how good of a life he/she has.

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