10,000+ Hours of Training Midrange Basketball Shooting

10,000 hours to master mid-range shooting in basketball, a goal that could potentially bring great rewards, requires a significant investment of time. This is where Malcolm Gladwell's concept, popularized in his book 'Outliers,' comes into play. It suggests that deliberate training, when applied consistently over a long period, can lead to mastery in any field, including basketball.

Reinforce Muscle Memory

I structure extensive daily training for my boy, Parker, which requires setting clear goals, breaking sessions into focused segments, and maintaining consistent training to reinforce muscle memory.

Mastering Fundamental Techniques

He understands that mastering fundamental techniques such as hand placement and balance is essential. Game-like scenarios and/or games in pressure situations, as well as receiving coaches' feedback, can help improve these techniques.

Understanding Shot Selection

Parker is improving exponentially in his understanding of shot selection, off-ball movement, defensive awareness and strategies, and overall fitness, which are crucial for sustained shooting effectiveness.

Developing Mental Resiliency

While physical training is essential, focusing on mental aspects contributing to Parker's overall student-athlete growth is equally crucial. This includes developing mental resiliency, sharpening free-throw proficiency, practicing spot and dynamic shots, and engaging in self-reflection.

Overall Improvement

Critical factors for Parker's improvement include flexibility/suppleness, explosive game speed training, strength training, shot clock awareness, and court vision. Strengthening core stability, establishing pre-shot routines, and tracking performance metrics optimizes skills.


Being in a school gym every day for the past nine years and well over 10,000 hours of basketball training with my two boys, nutrition, hydration, rest/recovery, and continuous, focused, dynamic, challenging, fun, and deliberate training of the game in mid-range shooting create a path to basketball excellence in this specific skill area.

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