Politics In High School Basketball

When a volunteer high school basketball coach plays politics...

The coach has his negative biases, discriminations, and personal agendas.

Such coaches showcasing favouritism over factors like merit, skill development, and fair competition breed whole team negativity and lack of trust in the coaches and in the basketball program.

The best and most skilled players feel:

  • sidelined
  • undervalued
  • unfairly treated
  • Negatively affect morale
  • Reduce or destroy motivation

When a player is an elite hard-worker and excels in certain areas, they are considered the elite player on the team. Here are some areas of a strong PG basketball player:

  • Elite lockdown defense
  • Elite communicator
  • Elite basketball IQ
  • Elite playmaker
  • Elite shooter from the mid-range and three-point
  • Fastest on the team
  • Elite passer

When a player, who has proven their worth and dedication, is benched or cut due to the coach's political games, it's a clear misuse of influence and power for non-sporting reasons within the context of coaching and managing a basketball team.

Simply put, such a coach is not a coach and should not be coaching high school students or other student-athletes at any level.

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