Good Jobs = Good Careers = A Successful Life?

“A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.” — Sundar Pichai

My job/career journey has been one of fortune and resilience

Born into poverty, I was raised by hard-working parents and grandparents working together to instill the value of perseverance and extreme resiliency in my siblings and I. Their collective efforts were always aimed at our betterment and a successful life.

From those modest beginnings in subsidized housing, I dreamt of good jobs, promising careers, and finding satisfaction, loyalty, and happiness in my work. I aspired to build positive, resilient mindsets in others, a vision guiding my family throughout my life.

Successful businesses and organizations prioritize employee well-being by providing comprehensive job security, fair pay, and growth opportunities.

Organizational success recognizes workers as integral to the organization or company's mission rather than just parts of a machine. We do to others as we do to ourselves.

Organizations and businesses can thrive by fostering financial stability and employee job satisfaction

This statement promotes a vision of a future where work is aligned with societal values and job dignity, pay, and purpose are in sync. It challenges traditional societal views on work and emphasizes the importance of workplace diversity in representing our society. In every province, territory, urban, organization, and business, Canada needs and requires diversity - people of all colours.

If an organization lacks diversity at all levels, it may engage in tokenism

Providing employees with fair compensation, stable schedules, and personal development opportunities can motivate them and drive organizational growth.

I remember my mother, her father, my grandfather, her mother, my grandmother, my father's mother, my grandmother, my father's father... they all said we would see beautiful people of colour in successful work/jobs. I used to dream of that ideal.

That is the future. I am excited and looking forward to a future of success and peace.

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