Free College Level Online Courses?

I am still absolutely delightfully surprised by the opportunity that anyone

in the world can improve themselves by using free online college-level

courses through their public library, in which most libraries have free library

patron accounts to Gale Courses.

Over 300 Free Online Courses

In such a user-friendly menu of course selections, 12 diverse learning

areas are nested with multiple specific learning areas, and then specific

personal improvement or professional development courses.

Specific Skill-set Improvement

It's incredible how individuals can get professional development and

personal enrichment in a 6-week format with unlimited monthly course

selection for FREE. In other words, a person can enrol in more than one

course every 6 weeks. At home parents or part-time workers can build

specific skill sets to enter a new career or improve their knowledge for

future career advancement.

Certificate of Completion

I'm equally impressed that individuals who complete a course earn a

record of completion certifying that they have successfully completed

that specific course with a completion date and the number of hours

of training involved in completing that course.

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