Hidden Potential, Proactive Imperfectionists

Character skills are ever-changing from elementary age into adulthood.

Adam Grant, the author of Hidden Potential, has some excellent case studies providing evidence that if a child is taught or coached to develop strong character skills, that young person will internalize self-discipline and be a proactive imperfectionist. These individuals encounter multiple failures throughout life. However, they never give up. They keep trying to improve themselves in specific skills or areas of work. In one case study, a young college basketball player named Steph Curry was told he was not explosive enough for the NBA. As we all know, this professional basketball player has a fantastic, world-class work ethic of thousands of hours of training, not only as a former college athlete but also as a professional basketball player.

These proactive imperfectionists, with solid character skills, grit, and a drive of self-discipline, are very successful.

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