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Mac | Apple Minimalist Simplicity

Since the 1980s, Apple has always stayed true to keeping its limited minimalism premium products. Most Apple customers are always satisfied with their products because of the branding and the limited but highly premium quality of the products that push other tech competitors to follow suit.

Small Teams and Prompt Feedback

Apple has a company cultural history of highly productive, small, innovative teams. Apple is almost the opposite of the Microsoft or IBM organizational multinational multiple-branch structure; Apple has one main head office based out of California.

Highly Innovative Creative R&D

Apple has a swift, streamlined, high-tech marketing and project management philosophy of a 3-month project span from brainstorming to executing an innovative idea on software and hardware. From its founder to today, Apple prides itself as #1 in the tech market - innovative and creative software and hardware ideas to realities, pushing other technology companies to follow suit and adapt to compete against the Apple ecosystem. Due to its founder, Steve Jobs, the culture of Apple, from the head office to the retail stores and online stores to its customers, people from all walks of life, including its customers, continue to be passionate about the creative, cutting-edge premium Apple products.

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