Never Outshine Your Supervisor or Manager

Author Robert Greene is one of my top reads.... Here is my take on his #1 Law of Power from, 48 Laws of Power

  • Be modest and try to avoid any display of your talents and abilities in the presence of a manager or supervisor; your skill sets may cause resentment, envy, and insecurity among your supervisor.
  • Be subtle, supportive, and aware of power dynamics with some leaders that show envy.
  • Outshining or showcasing your talents or elite skill sets, hoping to impress the supervisor or manager, may, in fact, provoke resentment from those in higher positions.
  • Try to be as discreet as possible with your strong skill sets, and at the same time, use the flattery of the talents and skills of your supervisor or manager.
  • It is crucial not to take your skill sets for granted; showing arrogance can have severe consequences in the power dynamics of your superior or manager.

The key message here is to be modest, supportive, professional, discreet and carefully aware of the power dynamics; clearly understand your supervisor, especially if he or she has shown in the past any resentment or envy toward individuals with solid skill sets or talents in an organization.

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