Do Not Overly Rely On Friends Instead Learn To Leverage Your Adversaries

Robert Greene warns the reader not to place all trust entirely in friends, suggesting some may betray due to envy. 

Leverage Your Adversaries

It is interesting that the author advocates hiring former enemies, who may be more loyal and driven to prove themselves. On the other hand, the potential danger of friends emphasizes that the act of hiring them can unbalance relationships, leading to hidden resentments and ingratitude. Due to friends' ingratitude, they always expect less from friends to avoid disappointment. The downside of hiring friends is that it can limit one's power. Friends may lack the necessary skills and competence, hence bias due to cronyism. It is essential to maintain professional distance in working relationships; friends should be kept for personal connections, and collaborations should involve skilled individuals. 


By working with adversaries, one should have a strategic approach to relationships; enemies sharpen focus, and it's sometimes better to keep them as adversaries rather than turning them into allies. 

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