U Grad Studies

University Grad Studies - 1 or 2 years... It took me 3 years... I was the guy that lived in university and public libraries with my two boys reading and running around causing slight minor issues with the librarians. I am so sorry.

At the same time I was...

  • Reading every free minute, everyday
  • Writing notes every free minute
  • Building links to academic articles, textbook notes, and book notes
  • In the back of my mind via my mother and her culturally mixed family, knowing that no one can take our identity, cultures, knowledge and understanding away
  • My mother was extremely well read, encyclopedias and she read full nonfiction and fiction books within 3 days... She was extremely prolific.
  • At a very young age, I understood she encouraged me that knowledge is power, she wished for a constitutional lawyer.

Just some history

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