Reading About Supply Chain Management & Logistics

I'm reading a few books on supply chain management and logistics related to Amazon, Walmart, and FedEx.

Highly Technical & Logistical

These companies are the largest online shopping network in the Western world, coordinating a fantastic, highly advanced technical and logistical delivery of products from global production facilities to our doorsteps. These companies are by far the most advanced in coordinating and managing their supply chain with multiple second, third, and fourth nodes; just in case one product is not supplied on time, another node, company, or manufacturer will take its place.

Highly Efficient Speed

Every aspect of these companies' transportation infrastructure is highly efficient, reducing lead times and controlling costs, ensuring a smooth distribution of products from centers to homes and businesses.

Perfect Inventory Balance

These companies' inventory management - physical technology and software carefully prevents shortages or excesses of products. They optimize product levels, preventing unnecessary capital tie-ups and ensuring items are delivered on time and accurate deliveries.

Positive Relationships

As multinational companies, their logistics have experience and positive relationships with different countries. These companies understand trade laws, coordinate shipping, and streamline supply chain processes.

JIT & Artificial Intelligence

These three companies' logistics are the most advanced operations, supporting state-of-the-art, Just In Time (JIT) manufacturing and Ai delivery technologies, a competitive technological advantage with efficient inventory management, and an overall streamlined supply chain.

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