Creativity Is Not Born, It's Developed

Creativity isn't just for a select few.

Creativity Is Nurtured

Creativity is a skill anyone can develop. Despite the myth that creativity is inherited, it's more about nurturing our creative spirit. We can spark creative ideas by combining seemingly unrelated ideas and reframing problems. The creative process often involves persistent questioning and numerous attempts and failures. A case in point: Edison and thousands of writers attempted and failed hundreds of times until they successfully achieved their creative endeavour, even when things seemed to be going well. Brainstorming in the right environment with diverse perspectives can help generate and refine ideas. Additionally, immersing ourselves in positive, welcoming environments and continually observing our surroundings can inspire creativity.

Failure & Creative Journey

Failure is a natural part of the creative journey, leading to better alternatives. Confidence in our contributions can be challenging, but maintaining a positive, open mindset gives us energy for creativity. Companies such as Google and Microsoft utilize positive "fun" welcoming surroundings like gamification to encourage creative activity among employees. Ultimately, everyone has the potential to cultivate a great creative mind by developing creative habits, maintaining a positive, open attitude, and creating stimulating environments.

Domain, Field, & Individual

Understanding the creative process involves recognizing its components: domain, field, and individual. Creative individuals require personality traits, access to resources, and social context to grow their creativity. It is challenging for a creative to lack domain, resources, or social context to be a successful creative. A creative individual in college can experience other creatives; he or she is immersed in a domain of knowledge, and interactions with other students and professors are also primary sources of creative ideas. Cultivating curiosity and maintaining a commitment to lifelong learning are essential for sustaining creativity. Creativity knows no age limits, and fostering it should be a lifelong pursuit for everyone.


We can unleash our full creative potential by embracing creativity daily and customizing our workspaces to suit our needs.

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