3:1 Positivity Ratio - 3 Positive Experiences For Every Negative 1

The 3:1 positivity ratio, researched by psychologist Barbara Fredrickson, maintains that there needs to be a balance of three positive experiences for every negative one for you to enhance your well-being, to be happier, and have a high chance of experiencing success in life.

Build On Resilience

Research indicates positive outcomes due to psychological benefits, shaping a positive life attitude because there are more positive experiences in a person's life compared to only 1/3 or less negative experiences or low to moderate trauma. This high positive ratio helps us to build on resilience, allowing us to rebound from setbacks, cope with stress, and take on more challenges with a positive growth mindset.

Positive Growth Mindset

Our social well-being heightens with a higher positivity ratio, fostering tolerance, empathy, and cooperation in interactions with our family, friends, co-workers, and strangers. Moreover, our positive growth mindset from a high positive ratio improves openness to new experiences, nurturing adventurous exploration of life/career opportunities. If we experience this 3:1 positive ratio widens our cognitive flexibility, enabling us to approach situations with adaptability and awareness.

Improves Our Standard of Living

The 3:1 ratio is a guideline; unfortunately, at specific points in our lives, we do not live in 3:1 positive experiences due to socioeconomic, family, or national hardship and extreme individual trauma. The overall 3:1 ratio of positive and negative experiences is critical to remember throughout our lives; the core principle of living positively for our well-being and happiness improves our standard of living.


Overall, if we have positive emotions, show gratitude, and engage in joyful activities, we will have a balanced and positive life outlook and happy communities.

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