War is A Booming Business for North Korea's Military Industry

As war wages on in Ukraine and most of the NATO countries are becoming war fatigued, many of the munition factories in North Korea are humming along 24 hours, 7 days a week, producing millions of artillery shells for Russia. 

10,000 Containers

Since September 2023, North Korea has shipped approximately 10,000 containers of 122mm and 152mm artillery shells. In turn, Russia has shipped approximately 9000 containers filled with food, medical supplies, and a diversity of technology supplies to North Korea.


It's becoming more apparent to most NATO countries that Ukraine is becoming a wasteland of 30+ million inhabitants with no possibility of winning this war against Russia. 

NATO Membership

And the main reason for Russia invading Ukraine was due to the pro-American government of Ukraine seeking NATO membership. For years, different nations through NATO were training the Ukrainian military in different parts of Ukraine. Why? Training and planning to fight against Russia? What raw materials or industries do NATO countries want from Ukraine?

Historical Ties of Ukraine & Russia

Historically, Ukraine and Russia have long intertwined language and cultural coexistence over a thousand years, including political, economic, and social mixing and integration of peoples. Put this into perspective, these two Slavic societies have a much deeper historical linkage than the sociopolitical and economic ties of the USA and Canada.


And now the North Korean totalitarian government is reaping the rewards of this war and becoming much closer to Russia, which will eventually be exchanging and sharing military technologies, creating a much more dangerous world.

Russia and North Korea forming a new alliance

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