Analysis Paralysis

There are several professions in which individuals require frequent high stake decision-making involving timelines, complex projects, investing decisions, financial risks, problem-solving critical design flaws, product launches, marketing strategies, diagnosing complex cases and treatment plans, data interpretation to create new technologies, strategizing legal cases, and campaign strategies.

Stressful Professions

  • marketing and advertising managers
  • lawyers and paralegals
  • research and development managers
  • medical doctors
  • business owners
  • project managers
  • financial managers
  • civil and mechanical engineers

Outcome Stressors

It's not uncommon for many of these individuals to overthink their decisions and become frustrated with their delayed actions or inaction. Due to the high stakes, there tends to be little clarity due to increased stress during specific projects, diminishing productivity and eventually missed opportunities.

Simple Strategies To Reduce Overthinking

Ask individuals in the specific field for feedback and breakdown and prioritize items. Creating a detailed timeline and decision criteria will reduce stress. Equally important, to reduce stress and increase clarity, practice mindfulness meditation, yoga, and exercise by doing anaerobic, aerobic, and strength training at least 3 or more times a week.

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