Negativity is a fundamental aspect of human behaviour, developed initially as a survival mechanism. Nevertheless, the fast changes in contemporary society have intensified the experience of negative emotions.

Negative People & Media

Engaging with others who are negative can magnify negative feelings, as social settings often transform into stress-inducing environments. Additionally, traditional media, such as news sources and social media platforms, contribute to this negativity by placing excessive adverse events and reinforcing existing biases and beliefs.

Triggers of Negative Emotions

It is vital to identify "triggers" that frequently evoke negative emotions. Actively steering clear of these triggers plays a key role in effectively managing and reducing negativity.


If I feel growing frustration or helplessness, I tend to withdraw from tense political debates and reduce my exposure to specific forms of media.

Cardio & Strength

Integrating physical activities such as cardio (both anaerobic and aerobic) and weightlifting is essential to combat negativity. Exercise not only enhances our physical well-being but also triggers the release of endorphins, uplifting our mood and counteracting negative emotions.

The CALM App

Furthermore, adopting mindfulness techniques such as conscious breathing, utilizing applications like CALM, and writing down positive words and sentences or points on secure platforms like Standard Notes can restore peacefulness and reduce negative mental states in times of stress.

Acts of Kindness

This can be time-consuming but extremely life-changing for both the person helping and the person receiving acts of kindness, such as assisting others at a homeless centre or an elderly home care centre; these acts of kindness take our attention from our challenges and foster a feeling of fulfillment, and empathy and profound satisfaction.

Pet Companionship

Additionally, tending to a pet can serve as potent therapy. Our family American pit bull, from a 5-week-old pup to a 6.5-year-old dog, has reduced so much family stress and negativity, providing companionship and emotional comfort.


These are just a few practical strategies for reducing negativity daily, ultimately contributing to improved well-being and a more positive growth mindset.

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