Grit, Positive Attitude, Marginal Gains, Double Loop Learning for Basketball Student-Athletes

Grit, Positive Attitude & Marginal Gains

Grit and a positive attitude are crucial factors in achieving excellence in basketball. Grit means overcoming limitations and setbacks, persisting despite adversity, and constantly striving to improve by 1% each day through collecting marginal gains. It means refusing to give up and gathering extra effort when feeling drained.

Double-loop Learning

Double-loop learning is a crucial principle that goes hand in hand with grit. It focuses on reflecting on both external and internal factors to fully comprehend how to achieve goals. This reflective method, combined with the overload principle in training, where basketball student-athletes push themselves to their limits, helps build resilience and prepares these students to overcome challenges effectively.

Positive Mindset

In basketball, having a positive mindset is not just a concept that makes you feel good but can also be a game-changer. It provides the motivation that drives your work ethic and attracts opportunities for success. Additionally, it helps you find faster solutions to problems that occur on the court. A positive mindset is key to continuous improvement and sets the foundation for achieving competitive excellence in basketball.

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