The Monday Blues... & After Work...

"So. Monday. We meet again. We will never be friends — but maybe we can move past our mutual enmity toward a more-positive partnership"

– Julio Alexi Genao

Mondays can feel tough after work

After a relaxing or a busy weekend, it can be challenging to get back into the groove of work.

Productive time management and planning the pile of tasks waiting after the weekend, making it feel overwhelming.

We transition from a more relaxed weekend mindset to a more structured work routine.

At times we are fatigued from the weekend activities, making it harder to jump back into work.

Similar to college life, we tend to face a backlog of emails, tasks, or upcoming soon due projects that accumulated over the weekend.

Adjusting to any changes or updates at work since the previous week.

Time to refocus on reading, writing, assessing, exercise and basketball training my 16yro boy...

  • 5:15am - Airdyne Bike 20mins
  • Work
  • Track Training kiddo - 8 to 12 Sprints & plyometric explosive drills
  • Strength training/weights - Push, Pull, or Legs
  • Gym - Basketball training kiddo for a few hours
  • Supper
  • Walk the dog
  • Mountain bike/trail ride for an hour
  • Assess
  • Read
  • Write
  • Meditation
  • Sleep

Back on the grind man!

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