Canada's 148 Overwintering Wildfires

Canada is home to approximately 9% of the world's forest, mainly boreal. However, Canada has the most significant terrestrial carbon in the world, deep within the soil of these boreal forests.

8,000 Forest Fires Yearly

One of the most common issues Canadians face is forest wildfires. Canada usually has approximately 8,000 forest fires yearly that ravage millions of hectares.

Zombie Forest Fires

Very few people know that overwintering wildfires continue to rage on, usually underneath the snow, burning through high levels of carbon in peat moss and tree roots. When the Spring weather begins in late March or early April, and the snow melts, many of these zombie forest fires will come alive above ground to burn through trees, brush, and dry grass, causing massive economic damage.

Forest Fires In -25c Winter?

Currently, mainly from -15 Celsius to -25 degrees, Canada has 148 active overwintering forest fires in three provinces.


What will our summer look like in Canada? Last year, it was widespread for most people to need to stay indoors due to dangerous health concerns of forest fire ash in the atmosphere.

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